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Ford Excursion Might Make a Return


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Ford Excursion Might Make a Return

If you haven’t noticed, SUVs are kings of the auto industry these days. Apparently, that means Ford might be mulling over the return of the ultimate SUV, the Excursion. While it’s a little bit of a reach, this new hope comes from a trademark filing in the US.

Automakers file trademarks for names from past vehicles all the time. Case in point: Ford keeps renewing its trademark for the “Model E.” That one put a damper on Elon Musk’s naming scheme, but he came up with an alternative easily enough.

So, it’s not even close to certain that the Ford Excursion is making a comeback. Even if it did, we have no guarantee it’ll be a slab of steak on wheels like before. Don’t be surprised if electrification of one variety or another would be part of the picture. After all, the behemoth had a notorious reputation for draining gas like crazy.

It’s true the Ford Excursion has a strong cult following. Many of the old trucks are still on the road today. But that doesn’t mean bringing it back is a good idea.

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