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Hyundai Is A Super Bowl Supporter Once More

(Credit: Hyundai )

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Hyundai Is A Super Bowl Supporter Once More

Hyundai NFL logos

Hyundai NFL logos (Credit: Hyundai )

Hyundai once again will be a supporter of the big game, after having sat it out last year’s. While the Super Bowl might be baffling to many foreigners, in the United States it’s an undeniable marketing force.

Not only is the Korean automaker back in the football spirit, it will be going large with four commercials. Two will run during the actual game, with the other two airing before kickoff. One 30-second spot is slated for the first quarter, with the second one set for the second quarter. The other two commercials are 60 seconds long.

According to Ad Age, the two ad spots during the game likely cost Hyundai up to $10 million. To maximize the investment, the company has already announced it will be running social media promotions, deploying a fleet of over 400 promotional vehicles and even hosting events in the San Francisco Bay Area throughout the week before the Super Bowl

The move isn’t too surprising, considering that Hyundai has been an official NFL sponsor for the first time this season. Still, it shows that the company is better honing in on how to appeal to the general American public. Many people who normally don’t watch football tune in to the Super Bowl, sometimes only to watch the commercials.

Super Bowl L is estimated to be the most-watched television broadcast ever. By running advertisements during the game, Hyundai will gain tremendous exposure.

Some industry analysts are theorizing that at least one of the Super Bowl commercials will introduce the general public to the new Genesis luxury brand. It would be an excellent way to build awareness quickly and get people talking about the bold move by Hyundai.

Interestingly enough, only one other automaker has confirmed it has purchased a spot during the Super Bowl, according to Automotive News. The other one is Kia, which has run ads during the Super Bowl for seven years in a row.

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