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GMC Launches “Precision” Marketing Campaign

(Credit: GMC)

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GMC Launches “Precision” Marketing Campaign

GMC model lineup

GMC model lineup (Credit: GMC)

Back in the year 2000 GMC launched a marketing campaign with the tagline “We are professional grade.” Then the Great Recession struck and the brand was in turmoil as GM moved through bankruptcy, borrowed money from the federal government and worked to remake its image. Now, with sales booming, GMC is launching a new campaign that’s all about precision.

It’s the first time since the “Professional Grade” campaign that GMC’s included its entire vehicle lineup in a single ad. While GM isn’t saying how much the new push cost, it seems justified considering that GMC is its second best-performing brand in the United States when it comes to sales volume. Sales are booming right now, with a 28.6 percent spike in January of this year.

GMC says the new “Precision” marketing campaign allows the brand to present a more modern message to consumers. After all, people’s tastes have changed in the last fifteen years. While they want tough trucks and SUVs, consumers go for GMC because of its upscale products that are just at home going to the opera house as a construction site.

The first ad in the new campaign, which can be seen below, is called “Fastball.” It features Jeremy Affeldt of the San Francisco Giants, portraying his precision fastball as a representation of the hardcore precision GMC pours into every aspect of its vehicles. Affeldt’s ability to “paint the corner” at 95 mph is likened to GMC features such as French stitching on leather upholstery.

Another ad called “Swoosh” will launch soon. It stars Harrison Barnes from the Golden State Warriors and is, of course, basketball themed. If you guessed that the third ad is also sports-related, you’re wrong. Titled “Snap,” it focuses on modern menswear and what it has in common with the Yukon Denali.

Be prepared to see a lot from this marketing campaign, not just on television but also online and elsewhere.

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