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GM Trolling Social Media to Proactively Identify Vehicle Defects

(Credit: GM)

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GM Trolling Social Media to Proactively Identify Vehicle Defects

2009 Pontiac Solstice

2009 Pontiac Solstice (Credit: GM)

It seems that all of the trouble of the past year has finally taught GM some hard lessons. At least that’s what many people are hoping. A recent report from Automotive News backs up those feelings, claiming that regular employees and even executives from the automotive giant are actually trolling social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr in an effort to identify defects in vehicles early.

The proactive approach no doubt is being undertaken for a number of reasons. Considering that the automaker is facing multiple lawsuits for the 35-and-counting deaths associated with the faulty ignition switch fiasco, the company is trying to eliminate similar scenarios in the future. The move also works to calm investors and the public, reassuring them that every effort is being made to correct the faults of the past. After all, executives have been working hard to convince everyone that GM has effectively transformed from a bloated, ineffective catastrophe into a functional, streamlined organization that is nothing like its former self. Such creative approaches to a problem is a far cry from the old GM way.

Also included in the report is the claim that Mary Barra, the company’s CEO, and other high-level executives even call some vehicle owners to solicit feedback on problems. Such signs point toward a shift in the culture that discouraged engineers from reporting problems with the ignition switch design as they worked to bury evidence of the defect.

The vigilant nature of the new GM even includes closely monitoring repair issues with different models that visit dealership service departments. The company is even encouraging employees to proactively tell about problems early on, thanks to a new “Speak Up For Safety” program.

Automotive News points out that GM’s watchfulness of social media has generated an additional benefit. The company’s social media team hopped onto the quick opportunity #ChevyGuy presented in the final game of the World Series. Swift action meant Chevrolet’s homepage even had a reference to the famously awkward speech, generating even more buzz online.

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