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Give Any Car Night Vision with Lanmodo

(Credit: Lanmodo)

Car Safety

Give Any Car Night Vision with Lanmodo

Some newer luxury cars come with a night vision mode for the infotainment screen. It’s a handy feature you can flip on when visibility conditions otherwise make it about impossible to see. You can also use it to more easily spot pedestrians, cyclists, and even animals when driving at night. But you don’t have to buy a car that costs more than your house just to enjoy this tech, thanks to Lanmodo.

The Lanmodo Vast can be had in two versions. One gives you a 1080P front camera, so visual clarity is pretty high. The other one adds a 720P rearview camera, which is nice if you’re nervous about what’s behind your car. Both systems are reasonably priced.

You can install this simple system in just about any car. There’s the option to mount it to the top of your dash, or you can use the suction cup and put it anywhere on the windshield. The screen is 8.2-inches, so you don’t need to squint at it.

Having lived in a few places where driving visibility could become compromised, it’s not too difficult to see the appeal of these systems. For example, if you get caught in a blizzard, this system could help you find a safe place to get off the road. The same is true for a sandstorm in the desert, or foggy conditions. Even when it’s raining hard and you’re struggling to make out what’s ahead on the road, the Lanmodo Vast could really help.

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