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Ford Facing A Lug Nut Class Action Lawsuit

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Facing A Lug Nut Class Action Lawsuit

Automakers get sued all the time, but it’s not as common for hundreds of vehicle owners to file a class action law suit. According to a recent Automotive News report, that’s exactly what Ford’s facing, and it’s all about lug nuts.

The problem, as alleged by the filed suit, is the lug nuts on millions of Fords might swell in size. As a result, you can’t just twist them off with a tire iron or torque wrench, making it necessary to go to a repair shop and pay for professional removal, then new lugs nuts.

The lug nuts in question are made with a steel core, plus a chrome, stainless steel, or aluminum cap for looks. They’ve been used on super popular vehicles like the F-150, F-350, Fusion, Focus, Flex, and Escape.

While having to pay $120 or more just to have faulty lug nuts removed could be infuriating, this alleged problem may be considered a safety risk. After all, if you have a flat tire, there’d be no way to remove it and put on your spare.

If you think you’ve been affected by faulty Ford lug nuts, you can reach out to Hagens Berman, the law firm that’s filed this class action suit.

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