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Ferrari Officially Announces SUV

(Credit: Ferrari )

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Ferrari Officially Announces SUV

You’ve heard the rumors, but now Ferrari has officially announced it will release its very own SUV. For a long time, the Italian brand resisted market trends and even the allure of fat profits enjoyed by rivals, but that era is over.

By 2022 the Ferrari Purosangue will debut, proving that SUVs might very well be the future of the automotive market. Ferrari claims this vehicle won’t be like other SUVs, but instead it will embody the spirit of the brand in all kinds of dynamic ways. Lotus, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and pretty much everyone has said the same thing.

Just as earth-shattering, the Purosangue will be a hybrid, something that will become a greater force in the overall Ferrari lineup. By the time it debuts, about 60 percent of all Ferraris will come with at least one electric motor.

Like BMW, Ferrari doesn’t like the term “SUV.” It also abhors “crossover.” Unlike the Bavarians, it hasn’t coined some ridiculous alternative acronym like “SAV.” Instead, the current CEO just describes the Purosangue as something designed for “multiple occasions and passengers.”

This means the Purosangue will bring an end to the controversial Ferrari GTC4Lusso, which has been called by purists “not a real Ferrari.”

Source: Car and Driver

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