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FCA Shows Vegas Dealers the Barracuda Concept

(Credit: © Dave_7 Via Flikr)

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FCA Shows Vegas Dealers the Barracuda Concept

1972 Plymouth Barracuda

1972 Plymouth Barracuda (Credit: © Dave_7 Via Flikr)

The return of the Barracuda to the Chrysler stable has been a long-running rumor that never seemed to come to fruition. Now, a new report from Automotive News all but guarantees that we’ll at the very least see a Barracuda concept in the near future.

This new report comes from an FCA dealer convention that the automotive group held in Las Vegas. At this event, there were numerous models shown, but the Barracuda was the one that rightfully drew the most attention. The `Cuda shown at the event was based upon the same platform as the upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulia, but it was a convertible.

This means that like the Giulia, the Barracuda will be rear-wheel drive, but what remains unknown is which engine will power a production version of this concept. The most likely scenario would be the same turbocharged V-6 that powers the Giulia.

This engine is plenty capable at 510 horsepower, plus it aligns with earlier reports that the HEMI V-8 will die sometime before 2020. While some may snarl at the thought of a turbocharged V-6 `Cuda, you have to remember that Dodge is now looking toward future generations. You know, the ones who didn’t get to live through the legendary muscle car years. This means that its primary demographic will likely be just fine with a boosted six under the hood.

For now, this report remains just a rumor that an anonymous dealership spit out to Automotive News. However, AN is typically pretty good at deciphering BS, so this may indeed be true.

If this proves to be an accurate report, look for the concept to make its first public appearance very soon. Stay tuned for more details.

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