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Chevy is Discounting 2017 Corvettes

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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Chevy is Discounting 2017 Corvettes

We already know this is a great time of the year to shop for a car. So far, Jaguar is quietly offering discounts on the F-Type, and Cadillac is making a big show out of slashing pricing for the Escalade. Now Chevrolet is jumping into the mix with big discounts on America’s sports car.

Officially, Chevrolet is offering $9,000 off the Corvette ZO6’s MSRP, which is great. But that doesn’t make the track-ready car within everyone’s grasp. Thankfully, the good souls at Jalopnik did some due diligence and found many dealers are offering deep discounts on 2017 Corvettes. Some are taking as much as $15,000 off the sticker price, which leads to the question: why are you still sitting down?

Naturally, there are some hurdles to get some of these deep discounts. You know dealerships, they can be crafty sometimes. Certain rebates and incentives are being thrown into the offerings, but not everyone will qualify for them.

Still, if you’ve been kicking around the idea of buying a Corvette, as well as wearing several gold chains with your shirt unbuttoned halfway down (that’s a joke), now’s a good time to pull the trigger. Just remember to pull out all the stops in negotiations, because some dealers will try to add all that discounted pricing back in with underbody coating and door guards when it comes time to sign the purchase agreement.

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