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Study Shows Black Friday Is Ideal For Car Shopping

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Study Shows Black Friday Is Ideal For Car Shopping

Think Black Friday is just for people who like to shop at Target, Walmart, or Nordstrom? Think again. A new study from concludes that the day after Thanksgiving is the best holiday to go used-car shopping.

Apart from Veterans Day, Black Friday boasts the biggest percentage of deals on preowned vehicles. Even better, you don’t have to skip Thanksgiving dinner, stand out in the cold all night, and deal with a crush of people maiming each other for an Xbox One X. Going to a dealership on Black Friday is pretty chill, at least relatively so. I don’t really know that, because I’m usually at home, in my pajamas, typing like normal, instead of shopping.

But does know, after spending time pouring over 48 million used car sales transactions from 2013 to 2016. For this study, a deal is defined as savings of at least 5 percent better than what shoppers get any other day of the year.

In general,’s study concluded that the holidays in November and December are the best times of the year to shop for a used car. Apparently, Christmas Eve is a great day to buy a car. Go figure. The worst is the Fourth of July, when apparently everything is hot, except for the deals.

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