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Cadillac CTS to Include Vehicle to Vehicle Communication in 2 Years

(Credit: Cadillac)

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Cadillac CTS to Include Vehicle to Vehicle Communication in 2 Years

2015 Cadillac CTS Sedan

2015 Cadillac CTS Sedan (Credit: Cadillac)

GM is positioning itself to jump into a leadership position in the automotive industry when it comes to connected vehicle technology. According to Automotive News, GM CEO Mary Barra announced that in two years the Cadillac CTS sedan will launch with vehicle-to-vehicle communication tech. Right now, such technology is one of the biggest areas of development, which would put the Cadillac brand at the forefront of the future of personal mobility. With the new technology in high usage on the roads, a number of accidents could be avoided and urban traffic congestion could be alleviated.

Cadillac isn’t stopping at just vehicle-to-vehicle communication. At the same time, the luxury brand will also introduce a Super Cruise system on another model. Barra revealed that the new technology will allow the driver to relax more in different on-road situations as the car takes over steering and braking for a time. Without directly revealing which model will come with the new technology, Barra did say it was a vehicle that currently is not part of the brand’s segment offerings.

Car shoppers will be able to try out both emerging technologies by 2016 since they are set to debut in 2017 model year vehicles. When that happens, GM will most likely become the first automaker to provide a vehicle-to-vehicle communication setup on an actual production car. The hope is that competing automakers will quickly deploy the technology in the near future, since vehicle-to-vehicle communications are only effective if a significant number of cars on the road use it.

It’s no secret that GM is gunning for BMW, Mercedes and Audi with its luxury brand. The question is whether rolling out such technologies first will start to establish Cadillac as a market leader again.

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