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Audi Officially Launches Production of the New TT

(Credit: © Audi)

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Audi Officially Launches Production of the New TT

Audi TT Production Begins

Audi TT Production Begins (Credit: © Audi)

Back in the late 1990s Audi made some serious waves by unveiling a little coupe that would model who the entire brand’s vehicle lineup would be transformed. Since then, the TT has been a fashionable vehicle that also packs an impressive performance punch, especially in the higher-performance variants.

Times have changed and so has the TT, with Audi officially announcing that production of the third generation of the car has begun at its production facility in Hungary. That same facility also produces the A3 sedan and cabrio. It has been the factory for the TT since the model launched.

As the first of the MkIII TTs rolled off the assembly line, the company observed the 500,000th coupe to have been assembled at the plant. That of course meant some sensible German festivities that involved taking pictures with a TT with a nice banner and various people who have been involved in the manufacturing process to one extent or another.

The third generation of the TT will introduce a few changes other than a new skin for the model. One of the most exciting is the virtual cockpit that will transform how drivers interact with the car. The look of the new TT is punctuated by a front grille that is wider and flatter than before, plus a four-rings badge on the front of the hood that is similar to the one on the Audi R8 supercar.

The Germans have high hopes for the new TT, stating that they expect it to sell well over the 2 million mark that was set by the MkII.

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