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Acura Teases Production NSX, Reveal Set for Detroit

(Credit: Acura)

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Acura Teases Production NSX, Reveal Set for Detroit

Acura NSX teaser

Acura NSX teaser (Credit: Acura)

Some people have been wondering if the Acura NSX is the car that will never actually be produced. Just as the doubters have become more vocal, a teaser photo of the new supercar has been released. The image is causing a big stir as the public finally is getting a glimpse of the car without camo or flames shooting out of it.

The other exciting piece of news is that the full reveal of the NSX is coming up soon at the North American International Auto Show that is held in Detroit this January. Honda is being pretty coy about everything, which is fine since some actual progress is showing, saying that the car will be release to the public “sometime in 2015.”

Not real details about the car were released with the teaser. It will be a gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle with twin turbochargers and an unknown potential. Honda was kind enough to also release a brief video you can watch below, which features the sound of the car first starting up and its engine revving.

The British have shown a great love for the mystery car, already snatching up all available preorder allotments for the island nation. In other words, getting an NSX in Britain could prove tricky, if not impossible.

Honda says it has been developing the NSX for three “intense” years. The new model is supposed to work well with the driver as well as continue on the proud heritage of the previous NSX, a car that at the time of its debut was a technological wonder.

From what little can be seen in the photo, the new NSX looks pretty attractive. There is a hint of the same basic grille design as other current Acura models, but one can hope the supercar wears it better than the TLX or ILX.

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