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Volkswagen Might Change Its Logo

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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Volkswagen Might Change Its Logo

Volkswagen really wants to communicate it’s a changed company after Dieselgate. Now a big (if not forced) champion of clean energy technologies for vehicles, executives think the old company logo doesn’t represent that new image properly.

The VW logo has changed several times over the years, so this isn’t shocking news, but it’s still interesting. Volkswagen doesn’t know what the new logo will look like, but wants something that reflects the electrified aspirations of the company.

Jochen Sengpiehl, brand chief marketing officer for Volkswagen, told Bloomberg that the company has been “too German.” Considering it’s used German words like “Das Auto” in advertisements, never mind the crazy German names for SUVs, he has a point.

Some people are acting like the sky is falling. They seem to think that Volkswagen is going to ditch the stacked “V” and “W” in its logo, but that would be a dumb move. Everyone knows what that stands for, but I’d be willing to bet the aesthetics of the stacked letters is about to change big.

To whip up the new logo, Volkswagen is asking for submissions from big marketing firms. I’m sure the results will be interesting, and there will probably be some that ditch the stacked letters layout. We probably won’t see the winner for some time, so until then enjoy the current logo.

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