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Toyota Will Strike at the Honda Passport

(Credit: Honda )

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Toyota Will Strike at the Honda Passport

With consumers continuing to go on an SUV craze, automakers are obliged to make an ever-expanding variety of them. And while enthusiasts might be all about the body-on-frame, truck-based models, most people prefer the comfort of unibody construction, even if they also want to pretend their vehicle is rugged. Toyota knows this and is watching rivals like the Honda Passport rack up the sales. The Japanese juggernaut is formulating its response, and we should see it soon.

According to Motor Illustrated, Toyota will resurrect the Venza nameplate for its own midsize pretend off-roader. It would be slated to debut in 2021, which is right around the corner.

To be honest, Toyota is pretty savvy about knowing what its customers want. The Venza never did well during its 8-year stint in North America. Bringing the name back would be like expecting shoppers to get all nostalgic about a new version of the Toyota Paseo.

It’s not hard to believe that Toyota wants to get a piece of the pie in this market segment. After all, plenty of people want to have that rugged image for their vehicle, while being able to drive with full, open glasses of water in the cupholders and not have a single drop slosh out. The 4Runner definitely doesn’t fit that role at all.

If the Venza is returning for 2021, expect a solid announcement in the first half of next year.

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