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Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored to be Dead

(Credit: Toyota )

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Toyota Land Cruiser Rumored to be Dead

It all started with an Instagram post. No, I’m not talking about the latest celebrity gossip, but instead about the latest gossip for the Toyota Land Cruiser. Jonny Lieberman of Motor Trend posted that Toyota is going to ax the Land Cruiser for the U.S. market. He went on to claim it’s a move to push people into buying the Lexus LX since it costs more and therefore leads to bigger profits.

Being that companies are greedy things that make profits so the rest of us can get paid and afford things like food and shelter, the above rumor of the Land Cruiser’s death sounds believable. There’s just one big problem with it: who’s the source?

I know, many automotive news stories have zero sources. None. Nada. Zip. They’re based on these faceless rumors, and if you go back and look at them a few years later, you can see most are complete and utter hogwash (it’s a fun game I play sometimes).

Anyway, this rumor was picked up by other automotive sites and spread like gospel. Jalopnik at least reached out to Toyota for confirmation and got a predictable response. What’s truly amazing is the boilerplate PR email about not commenting on future product developments was then taken by Jalopnik as confirmation that the Land Cruiser is walking the green mile. Amazing!

Actually, the story of killing the Land Cruiser fits into Jalopnik’s narrative that Toyota moving its headquarter from California to Texas was a horrible strategy. After all, we know these flyover states are just plain horrendous, full of degenerates and such. It ruined Toyota’s culture, apparently.

This whole thing started with a completely unnamed “source” and has now blown into some quasi conspiracy theory. So if you hear Toyota is getting rid of the Land Cruiser, at least you’ll understand that for now there’s nothing solid to back up the story, and hopefully later we’ll all just laugh at this.

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