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Top Ten 2014 Vehicles for Big Families

(Credit: © Ford)

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Top Ten 2014 Vehicles for Big Families

2014 Toyota Sienna

2014 Toyota Sienna (Credit: © Toyota)

7. Toyota Sienna

Midsize crossover owners will laugh at you for looking like a minivan-driving soccer mom, but anyone who owns a Sienna can laugh as they watch families attempt to cram themselves and their stuff into their short-on-utility crossover. Top-of-the-line Siennas come with leather upholstery, a DVD entertainment system and plenty of little storage cubbies throughout the interior. The second-row captain’s chairs not only recline but also have a fold-out footrest that is great for long road trips. If you live where snow sticks to the roads, the available all-wheel drive puts the Sienna in a category where other minivans dare not tread. The second- and third-row seats all fold flat into the floor, meaning you don’t have to lug heavy seats if you need to transport a large item. This feature includes large bins in the floor that are great for stowing shoes, jackets, or anything else you need during a trip.

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