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Top Ten 2014 Vehicles for Big Families

(Credit: © Ford)

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Top Ten 2014 Vehicles for Big Families

2014 Mazda5

2014 Mazda5 (Credit: © Mazda)

8. Mazda5

Alright, the Mazda5 is actually a pretty small vehicle, but it deserves to be on this list of vehicles for large families since it does come with three rows of seating and sliding side doors that make loading and unloading little ones in car seats a much easier proposition. Shorter families will love that there is sufficient seating for up to six people as well as some rather ingenious storage solutions that make use of every square inch inside the miniature minivan. Admittedly, taller families will find the interior pretty tight. You might make fun of the Mazda5 for its small size, but it’s considerably easier to drive in crowded cities than a Suburban or other minivans. The small size and tight handling means the Mazda5 is also actually kind of fun to drive on curvy streets, unlike virtually every other family hauler on the market today.

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