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The Cadillac of Apps Eases Stress of Big-City Parking

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The Cadillac of Apps Eases Stress of Big-City Parking

We’ve all been there. You make big plans to head into the city for an event or just to hang out, but your plans are ruined when you learn everyone else had the same idea and left you with nowhere to park. Countless times I’ve had to cancel plans and make the long trip back home for exactly this reason. Cadillac looks to cure that issue with an industry-first parking app on its infotainment system.

As a part of the Cadillac Marketplace, buyers can now book and prepay for parking spaces before heading into the city. This industry-first function is backed by ParkWhiz, which is a smartphone app that allows drivers to book thousands of parking spaces in over 250 cities nationwide.

Getting set up is simple too. Cadillac owners need to just download the ParkWhiz app on their smartphone, create an account, enter the vehicle’s details and set up their preferred payment method. Owners can then link ParkWhiz with their Cadillac Marketplace and search for parking nearby or at their future destination. Once the perfect spot is found, Cadillac drivers can book it and gain access to the garage or parking lot with a few button presses on the infotainment system.

If you own a Cadillac with Marketplace installed, this feature should be available today.

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