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Rivian Wants to Help Dealerships Evolve

(Credit: Rivian )

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Rivian Wants to Help Dealerships Evolve

Unlike rival Tesla, new EV manufacturer Rivian doesn’t want to circumvent car dealerships. Instead, the Michigan-based auto startup wants to help them evolve. It’s a natural step, considering the power of the internet has changed how people buy all sorts of things including cars.

One thing some might find unsettling is Rivian won’t sell its all-electric trucks or SUVs through dealerships, at least not in states where that isn’t illegal. Already, the company is accepting pre-orders for $1,000, which is refundable.

What Rivian wants to use dealerships for is customer support and servicing. Exactly how that will be done remains to be seen. It might be set up at dealerships that already work with certain brands, or Rivian could select independent service centers, ditching the traditional dealership model completely.

You might be wondering how anyone will test drive a Rivian? Similar to Tesla, the company is planning retail centers where you can schedule a time to take a vehicle for a spin. I can tell you from experience this is an enjoyable way to do things, because the test drive isn’t attached to some high-pressure sales pitch.

This means dealerships aren’t going to go away, but if Rivian and others have their way, they are going to evolve into something different.

Source: Motor Authority

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