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Report: Honda to Normalize Look of New Ridgeline

(Credit: Honda)

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Report: Honda to Normalize Look of New Ridgeline

Next generation Honda Ridgeline teaser image

Next generation Honda Ridgeline teaser image (Credit: Honda)

Not everyone is a fan of the Honda Ridgeline, considering the vehicle has a polarizing look to it. In fact, some people get belligerent if anyone calls it a pickup truck, considering it has a unibody construction and front-wheel drive as standard equipment. Still, there is obviously a market for such a model, which is why Honda has been selling it for several years. In fact, the Ridgeline has strong enough of a following that a second generation will be revealed in 2015. Now, a new report from USA Today states that the automaker is looking to give the new Ridgeline a more mainstream appearance in an attempt to capture even more sales.

A vague outline of the upcoming second generation of the Ridgeline was revealed by Honda back in 2013. While it’s too difficult to tell for absolutely sure, the part of the silhouette that’s visible seems to back up the USA Today report. Anyone can see that the tapering sides of the payload are gone, so at least that much is more traditional in the design.

There are some unique features to the Ridgeline, such as the tailgate that can be opened in the traditional fashion or like a car door. The “trunk” or storage compartment in the bottom of the payload is a nice touch, as long as you aren’t hauling around dirt, sod, or rocks and need to get something out of there. Considering what most owners use the Ridgeline for, that’s likely not a problem very often, if at all.

Originally, Honda said it would have a new Ridgeline ready for production by 2015. The report from USA Today lines up with rumors and other reports that peg the new model’s launch in the late part of 2015 or even early 2016. Considering that competition in the midsize truck market is starting to rise as GM has launched the Colorado and Canyon, it’s probably a good thing that Honda takes its time to ensure the new Ridgeline is truly ready for the market.

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