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Next Toyota Land Cruiser Coming Soon

(Credit: Toyota )

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Next Toyota Land Cruiser Coming Soon

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a great albeit expensive off-roader. That being said, it’s long overdue for a refresh, and people have been wondering how Toyota could be ignoring such an important vehicle in its lineup. Well, the next-gen 300-Series Land Cruiser is apparently on the horizon.

While the tough body-on-frame formula won’t be changed, Toyota plans to swap the V-8 for a V-6 engine. Thanks to tightening emissions and fuel economy standards, the Lexus LS will supposedly donate its powertrain to the SUV, although it could get the Dynamic Force touch for good measure. Even if not, that would constitute a big bump in horsepower and torque. The possibility of a hybrid option seems inevitable.

The other rumor is that the overall size of the 300-Series Land Cruiser will be close to the 200-Series. That doesn’t mean the new SUV will look the same, as we’ve seen an evolution from a boxy off-roader to something increasingly sleek and fluid. That will likely continue, with healthy doses of the latest tech like LED lighting, driver assistance systems, a big infotainment screen.

Many speculate we’ll see a concept for the new Land Cruiser in Tokyo as early as next year. Considering automakers are deviating from the auto show circuit at increasing numbers, don’t be surprised if Toyota stages its own reveal event at some dramatic location.

Source: Autoblog

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