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McLaren Builds Completely Crazy Roadster Called Elva

(Credit: McLaren)

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McLaren Builds Completely Crazy Roadster Called Elva

A new roadster has been added to McLaren’s Ultimate Series and its design, as you can clearly see above, will make people stop and stare. The design was created to commemorate the 1960s McLaren Elva sportscars, which were penned by Bruce McLaren, and when you put one by the other you can see that influence.

Not only does this car look great and incorporates plenty of retro flair, it’s the lightest road car McLaren has ever made. Both the chassis and body are made of carbon fiber, as are the seats, which is a big factor in the Elva being so lightweight. Of course, the lack of a windshield and other glass doesn’t hurt.

McLaren Elvas (Credit: McLaren)

Instead of the driver and passenger getting whipped by the wind, an advanced McLaren Active Air Management System manipulates how the air slips over the car, only lightly ruffling your hair. If that’s not cool enough, the twin-turbo, 840-bhp V-8 that rockets this roadster from 0-62 in under 3 seconds is. This car even does 0-124 quicker than the Senna at 6.7 seconds, which is incredible.

A mere 399 of these Elvas will be made, each one customized to the buyer’s specifications. Pricing starts at $1.69 million but probably nobody will spend that little on their car.

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