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Jeep Delays Gladiator Release

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Jeep Delays Gladiator Release

Jeep fans, and even people who’ve never owned a Jeep, are waiting with bated breath for the Gladiator to hit dealerships. They will have to wait a little longer than originally expected, because Jeep has delayed the launch of the Gladiator.

This disappointing news was delivered by Scott Tallon, Jeep brand director, as he spoke with a TV station in Toledo, Ohio. Instead of the pickup truck arriving at showrooms this April, it’s anticipated to make a debut in late June. A delay of two months is disappointing, but after the faithful have waited far longer for another Jeep pickup, it’s not that bad.

People are lining up to get their hands on the Jeep Gladiator, outperforming expectations. No doubt, some dealers could engage in predatory pricing strategies to capitalize on all that interest, something that often happens with big car releases.

Considering there’s no official pricing info, that kind of demand for the Gladiator is outstanding. An April pricing reveal to chum the waters and get people even more excited is likely.

Jeep has launched the online configurator, which allows you to trick out a virtual model with all kinds of options. If all of this is any indication, Jeep will be laughing all the way to the bank with wads of cash.

Source: Quadratec

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