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Is the Maserati Levante Done For?

(Credit: Maserati )

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Is the Maserati Levante Done For?

SUVs are hot right now, just the Maserati Levante isn’t. For reasons anyone familiar with the concept of Italian reliability can probably answer, the new luxury model is sitting on dealer lots, not in driveways of people with more money than sense.

Already, Maserati has halted production of the Levante a couple of times, thanks to lagging sales. Now, production has been cut way down until at least July, per an Automotive News Europe report.

Thanks to multiple recalls of the Levante, it seems shoppers are a little leery of the Levante. Can I blame them? No. Admittedly, I would be concerned about buying one, if I could financially entertain the thought.

Maserati has done a fine job with the driving dynamics of the Levante. It handles great, accelerates strong, and overall feels quite balanced. The interior is like other modern Maseratis: quite luxurious and nothing like the Germans’ take on luxury. It’s a nice SUV. But not being able to drive it, thanks to recalls and breakdowns really kills the fun.

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