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Infiniti is Set to Reinvent the Internal-Combustion Engine

(Credit: © Infiniti)

Fuel Efficiency

Infiniti is Set to Reinvent the Internal-Combustion Engine

Infiniti Variable Compression-Turbocharged Engine

Infiniti Variable Compression-Turbocharged Engine (Credit: © Infiniti)

Though the internal-combustion engine is in the process of being replaced by electric motors, it still has a lot of time before it’s completely phased out. Because of this, automakers still need to find new and unique ways to make these suck-bang-and-blow engines as efficient as possible. Infiniti has been hard at work on a revolutionary new engine of its own for the past 20 years, and today we get our first look at this new fuel-saving technology.

Known as the 2.0-liter Variable Compression-Turbocharged engine, this powerplant solves the age-old issue of keeping compression at optimal levels for performance and efficiency.

While the details surrounding this powerplant are still somewhat under wraps, we do know that the VC-T engine is able to transform itself to raise and lower the reach of the pistons. The raising and lowering of the reach results in the compression varying between 8-to-1 and 14-to-1.

This huge gap in ratios allows for the engine to deliver better performance at the lower end of the compression scale or deliver better fuel economy and reduced emissions at the higher end of the scale. In addition to these benefits, the VC-T powerplant is also lighter and has reduced vibration when compared to today’s engines.

The exact engineering behind this shapeshifting engine is what’s under wraps for now, but we should learn all of the intricate details when Infiniti reveals the first-ever production-ready variable-compression engine at the Paris Motor Show on September 29th.

We’ll bring you all the details once they are available. Stay tuned!

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