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Hyundai Creates Walking Concept Car

(Credit: Hyundai )

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Hyundai Creates Walking Concept Car

File this one under bizarre: Hyundai is taking a walking car to CES 2019. This is really the kind of thing you’re used to seeing in kids’ cartoons, not real life, but the Korean automaker thinks such a vehicle would be instrumental in emergency rescue efforts.

The Hyundai Elevate concept wears a red cross, with a red-and-white exterior color scheme, making it obvious what the vehicle will be used to accomplish. The wheels are located at the end of jointed robotic legs, which look as if they can articulate in a number of directions.

Hyundai even goes so far as to name a new segment for this concept, which is an ultimate mobility vehicle or UMV. It’s supposed to have the capability to drive, climb, or walk through especially difficult terrain where other land-based vehicles couldn’t cross. What’s more, it’s all-electric.

Of course, the big question is if this concept will just go down in the history books as something really weird from 2019 or if it will impact future production vehicle design. If nothing more, it shows how the areas of robotics and cars could blend further in the near future.

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