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Google to Reveal Car Operating System

(Credit: © Hyundai)

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Google to Reveal Car Operating System

Hyundai Infotainment System

Hyundai Infotainment System (Credit: © Hyundai)

Many new car owners complain that the infotainment system in their car is difficult to use, a fact that Google is looking to change. The tech giant has embarked on the same quest as Apple, to create an in-car operating system that will be easy for drivers to use and provide relevant data. The announcement was made that Google will unveil the new OS at its annual software developer conference later in June.

The internal, working name for the OS is Google Auto Link, although an official retail name so far has not been released. It represents the first tech product to come out of Google’s automotive industry consortium, called Open Automotive Alliance. Other members include Honda, General Motors, Audi, Hyundai, and NVIDIA Corp.

Automotive News has reported that a source within Google that has information about the new in-car operating system claims that it will be a projected rather than an embedded infotainment system. The setup means that a driver could control their Android-based smartphone using the car’s controls and the infotainment screen.

So far, Apple has a big head start on Google. The same thing happened with smart phones, but Google quickly caught up, which is exactly what it hopes to do with the automotive industry. Already, Hyundai has an embedded Google voice search feature that allows drivers to find destinations easily while driving. The navigation system in Audi models overlays Google Earth images on GPS maps.

In the end, the push by both Google and Apple into the automotive infotainment market is a good thing for consumers. Many automakers have tried to make their own systems in the past, which have been confusing, leaving car owners wishing they could just plug their phone into their car.

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