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Dodge to Show off Reworked Charger and Challenger

(Credit: Dodge)

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Dodge to Show off Reworked Charger and Challenger

Not only is Dodge celebrating its 100th anniversary this summer, the American auto brand will also be showing off new versions of its popular Challenger and Charger lines. Both revamped muscle cars will be prominently displayed at the 2014 New York International Auto Show. The officially unveiling of the cars will take place on April 17, with media and performance enthusiasts poised to take in the new designs.

Upcoming Dodge Release

Upcoming Dodge Release (Credit: Dodge)

The Dodge Charger has been through one redesign since it was resurrected in a four-door format, with most agreeing the revision was an improvement on the car’s already aggressive design. The Challenger, however, has not been redesigned since it was rolled out of the grave in 2009.

Increasing speculation about the release of the two all-new models is an announcement by Dodge that a new “powertrain combination” will be unveiled as well. Many feel that this new powertrain will make use of the Hellcat V8, a high-powered engine that Dodge has been rumored to be using in a high-performance version of the Challenger that would be a legitimate contender against the Camaro Z/28 and Shelby GT500. Whatever the new powertrain combination is, Dodge promises it will leave performance enthusiasts “abuzz” for quite some time after the announcement.

If you’re a fan of the angry, angular look of the Charger, prepare to be disappointed. Dodge says the car is getting a big makeover that will transform its entire look. In fact, the plastic surgery the automaker has performed on the Charger did not leave one single body panel the same. What exactly that means is for Dodge to know and the rest of us to guess at endlessly until April 17.

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