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7 Cars of 2013 That Will Keep You Safe

(Credit: Fiat)

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7 Cars of 2013 That Will Keep You Safe

2013 Fiat 500

2013 Fiat 500 (Credit: Fiat)

Anyone who has ever experienced a car accident and has lived to tell the story can tell you that vehicle safety is incredibly important. Even more so with the number of cars frequenting our roads these days. Thankfully modern cars are only becoming safer thanks to a variety of technologies that both help avoid accidents and protect occupants during a crash. Features like lane departure warnings are becoming more common, features that just 20 years ago would have sounded straight out of a sci-fi movie.

These seven cars are all 2013 models that have been cited for exceptional crash test scores. The list includes a variety of vehicle types and sizes as well as a range of vehicle prices. Keep in mind that there are dozens of other very safe vehicles on the market but these are 7 of them that really stood out to our team. Who knows, maybe you will see one that you would love for your next car.

1. 2013 Fiat 500

Most people look at micro cars and think they are automatically death traps that will crumble upon impact with a large SUV on the road. But the IIHS has cited the Fiat 500 for being one of several micro cars that scored well in crash tests like frontal offset, side impact and roof strength. Fiat loads the car with plenty of accident avoidance technologies like traction control, stability control and antilock four wheel disc brakes. If the car does wreck there are a total of seven airbags that will deploy to keep the driver and all of the passengers safe.

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