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2020 Volkswagens Received a Major Upgrade

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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2020 Volkswagens Received a Major Upgrade

It’s not often you see an automaker deploy a sweeping update for its entire product lineup without installing anything new on the car, but Volkswagen has done just that. The Germans announced an upgraded version of Volkswagen Car-Net, the brand’s mobile app. It will provide more features and work faster, something nobody will complain about.

One of the important set of changes has to do with remote access. That means unlocking/locking the doors, starting/stopping the engine, honking the horn, flashing the lights, etc. from just about anywhere. VW owners will also be able to send a navigation destination to the car or find off-street parking options well before arriving in an area. Vehicle health reports are included, along with Family Guardian so parents know how their teens are driving.

If you really want to invade your privacy for an insurance break, the new DriveView program will monitor your driving habits. This includes hard braking, driving at night, idling too much, and speeding.

There’s also a Safe & Secure service for emergency assistance, automatic crash notification, anti-theft, and so on. This upgrade can also mean a 4G LTE WiFi hotspot, if you want to add yet another subscription to your monthly budget.

Yes, many competitors have had some of these same or similar services for years, but VW has finally joined the party.

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