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Your Next BMW Could Be 3D Printed

(Credit: BMW)

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Your Next BMW Could Be 3D Printed

We’ve seen a few examples of 3D printed cars, and even more of 3D printed car parts, but the tech is pushing more toward the mainstream. BMW i Ventures is getting involved with Desktop Metal, so your next BMW could be printed, instead of assembled.

You probably think of crappy plastic trinkets when it comes to 3D printing. The brilliant thing is, as the name suggests, Desktop Metal specializes in metal 3D printing.

Right now, the talk is all about mass-printing certain complex components. It’s cool to think of suspension parts being printed, but the implications for this innovation are huge. Could it be that one day you’ll show up at a BMW dealer’s parts department, order what you need, and it’s all printed onsite? That would be the end of waiting for days or weeks for rare parts to be shipped from across the world.

One day, will you buy a car, then watch as the whole thing is printed and assembled? It all sounds so much like science fiction right now, but crazy things are happening in the industry.

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