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TVR Is Coming Back

(Credit: TVR)

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TVR Is Coming Back

TVR logo

TVR logo (Credit: TVR)

TVR, the British automaker known for producing some pretty insane cars, is coming back from the dead. This is great news for anyone who’s tired of boring modern clone cars. The zombie version of the company will be churning out vehicles in a great new location right by the new Circuit of Wales racetrack.

This new location is actually key to TVR’s mission of making sports cars that don’t just look great, but handle and accelerate with the best. Instead of just relying on exciting marketing spin to get people interested in the cars, the Brits are going to make vehicles that are so great, they don’t need any spin.

British car website Autocar first broke this news. After buying the company back from Russian investors, a group headed up by a computer games tycoon, of all things.

Expect to see new TVRs hitting at least the market in the UK next year. It’s been taking deposits since late last year at £5,000 each, with over 300 in so far.

The new TVRs should be a blast to drive. They’ll pack a Cosworth V-8 for a solid punch. The company is also using the iStream manufacturing process developed by Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray, which makes it faster and less expensive to build the vehicles. The cars will be loaded up with all kinds of carbon fiber, boosting rigidity and in turn handling. A glass-fiber tub is standard, but a carbon-fiber version will be an option.

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