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The Subaru BRZ May Be No More!

(Credit: © Suburu)

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The Subaru BRZ May Be No More!

2015 Suburu BRZ

2015 Suburu BRZ (Credit: © Suburu)

The lovely relationship some thought was a match in heaven between Subaru and Toyota might be coming to an abrupt and rather disappointing end. That news means that the days of the Subaru BRZ just might be numbered, unless Fuji Heavy (Subaru’s owner) has a trick up its sleeve.

At the same time, Toyota is cozying up to BMW. Reports claim that the Japanese automaker is soliciting help from the Germans to develop the production version of the FT-1, which would be the successor of the Supra. Considering that BMW has more experience in producing thrilling and technologically advanced sports coupes than Subaru, which is known for building jittery and boxy rally-based performance cars, such a move seems to make good business sense for Toyota.

Because of the rumored relationship, Toyota might be into BMW enough to ask for help with the next generation of the Scion FR-S. The best place to start would be with the lack of horsepower and especially torque. Toyota’s CEO has been rumored to want a three-model sports car lineup that would place the Supra at the top and the FR-S in the middle, with another middle model to be announced at the bottom. Some have excitedly guessed that the third model would be an updated version of the MR2, but nothing has officially been announced.

One possible reason for Toyota dropping Subaru in favor of BMW could be electrification and the fact that they have more experience with hybrids and pure electric cars. Many industry experts suspect that Toyota would be interested in offering at least some hybrid versions of its sports coupes, which would offer not only improved fuel economy and more thrilling performance.

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