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10 of the Most Fuel-Efficient 2014 Sports Cars

(Credit: © BMW USA)

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10 of the Most Fuel-Efficient 2014 Sports Cars

Fuel efficiency is all the rage these days as we try to wean ourselves off of foreign oil and the problems that come along with it. An increasing number of people are also concerned with air pollution and its effects on human health as well as the environment.

Just because you want to buy a fun sports car does not mean you must abandon fuel efficiency altogether. While you might not achieve Toyota Prius-like fuel economy, the following ten cars all provide good efficiency as we as thrilling performance.

2014 BMW Z4

2014 BMW Z4 (Credit: © BMW USA)

10. BMW Z4

If you love roadsters but hate how underpowered most are, as well as how much gasoline they tend to suck down, the BMW Z4 is an excellent solution. BMW uses sleek, modern styling to give a different spin on the classic roadster look, while the interior far exceeds what you can find on many other non-supercar roadsters. There are a number of features and equipment that make the Z4 livable as a daily driver. The car does not feature the same poor visibility that makes other roadsters difficult to park. An optional folding hardtop operates quickly with the touch of a button, making the car more comfortable to drive in poor weather. As for fuel efficiency, an sDrive28i model, which is equipped with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, equipped with the manual transmission, can achieve 22 mpg in the city, 34 mpg on the highway, and 26 mpg combined, according to EPA estimates.

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