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Tesla Really Doesn’t Want You To Buy A Model 3

(Credit: Tesla )

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Tesla Really Doesn’t Want You To Buy A Model 3

Plenty of industry sources, including people inside Tesla, say the California automaker is working overtime to convince future Model 3 owners to get a used Model S instead.

Just one of many examples is from Green Car Reports, which said that Elon Musk announced some used Model S warranty changes during a shareholder meeting earlier in the month. Used Model S sedans will have a two-year/100,000-mile warranty. The whole point of the plan is to unload some of the demand for the Model 3, getting people in a Tesla now. After all, if you leave people waiting too long, they might get a Chevy Bolt, or some other competing EV.

Even though reports are flowing in that thousands of Model 3s will hit the market by the end of July, that’s only a drop in the bucket compared to all those preorders. Just fulfilling all the preorders could take up to two years. And don’t think for a moment there aren’t people who didn’t preorder the Model 3, yet are considering getting one in the near future.

To start, the Model 3 will only come with two-wheel drive, and really no options. Of course, many used Model S sedans don’t have the latest and greatest gadgets, like AutoPilot. They do, however, have free Supercharging.

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