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Tesla Model 3 Projected To Retain Value Amazingly Well

(Credit: Tesla )

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Tesla Model 3 Projected To Retain Value Amazingly Well

The big question on everyone’s mind right now is if Tesla can really pull off all those Model 3 deliveries, before more people cancel their preorders. While that’s a fascinating topic, Autolist decided to take the path less traveled, projecting depreciation for the new all-electric sedan.

For some perspective, the Model S retains more value than its peers. Some people see it as an investment. To be truthful, most vehicles, even the Model S, depreciate in value over time. That’s not an investment, really. But you probably need a car, so why not have one that loses less money over time?

By analyzing a few sets of data, Autolist came to the conclusion that the Model 3 will lose only 29 percent of its value when it hits 50,000 miles on the clock. That’s pretty good. At 100,000 miles, it will have retained 50 percent of its value. That beats every other vehicle the Model 3 will go up against.

In other words, buying a Tesla Model 3 means less of your money evaporates. One of the chief reasons, Autolist concluded, is that the top-of-the-line Model 3 hits what it calls the “battery range sweetspot.” At 300 miles of range, Autolist found that 57 percent of people surveyed wouldn’t hesitate to buy an EV.

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