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Tesla Adds Features To Model X And S

(Credit: Tesla)

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Tesla Adds Features To Model X And S

Tesla once again is flexing the might of its over-the-air updates. The California automaker has announced a number of software changes will be coming to the Model S and Model X.

The one most people are talking about is the automatically changing of the driver’s seat and steering wheel positions. Apparently, one Model S owner on Twitter complained that the car is difficult to enter and exit, because of the ride height. Elon Musk decided, based on the feedback, to include this feature in the update. Personally, I haven’t found the Model S difficult for entry/exit, but I’ve also dealt with Honda S2000s, Toyota 84s, Alfa Romeo 4Cs and other vehicles that are far more of an acrobatic challenge.

Tesla took a page out of Koenigsegg’s playbook, without acknowledging it, of course, and will include a Smart Air Suspension. It automatically adjusts vehicle ride height based on location. It’s a genius idea, only it wasn’t Tesla’s.

Not as revolutionary is a new cream interior color option. It’s a bad choice for parents, but the childless or empty nesters might love it.

Finally, all 75 kWh models boast improved performance. That means they dash from 0 to 60 mph a full second sooner. That’s not too shabby, but there’s no word on how it affects range.

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