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Small Ford Bronco Name Uncertain

(Credit: Ford )

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Small Ford Bronco Name Uncertain

Ford is working on releasing several vehicles surrounding the upcoming 2020 Bronco, including a “baby” model. At first the name “Bronco Adventurer” had been floated through the grapevine as definitely the production name for the off-roader, but that apparently was premature. Now a report from Ford Authority, which first pushed the Adventurer narrative, claim Ford brass isn’t set on a name.

Should we believe what Ford Authority has to say at this point? That’s your choice. Now the site says anonymous sources claim the upcoming name for the compact SUV is “Bronco Sport.” Or, it might be possible marketing is still weighing a few options. That happens.

In about a year the new, smaller Bronco will break cover and we’ll know the official name. For now it’s all about cloak-and-dagger games where nobody is for sure if Ford is feeding false information to the media on purpose, which also happens.

To throw everyone off the scent, Ford has filed a flurry of trademarks for possible names, which every automaker under the sun does. Among them is Bronco Scout, Bronco Outer Banks, Bronco Big Bend, and Bronco Adventurer. Honestly, none are horribly inspiring. If Ford got a little edgier with something like Bronco Sweat or Bronco Chase that would be something to get excited about.

Even more important is speculation about how trail-capable this SUV will be. It shares a unibody platform with the Escape and Focus, after all, so that doesn’t bode well.

Source: Ford Authority 

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