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Rumors Fly that Ford Will Bring Back the GT

(Credit: Ford)

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Rumors Fly that Ford Will Bring Back the GT

2006 Ford GT

2006 Ford GT (Credit: Ford)

The Ford GT just might be making a huge comeback, giving Ford fanboys a real reason to rejoice. While the Shelby GT500 has been fun and all with its mountains of raw torque, it just can’t stack up to the Blue Oval’s genuine supercar. The GT has proved that American cars can push brutish power in a package that allows for incredible handling and a great stylistic flair that can even get the Italians riled up.

Since it’s a rumor that the Ford GT is coming back in the near future, Ford has not confirmed anything. Even more important, executives haven’t exactly denied anything, either.

How soon could a new GT make a debut? According to a large array of reputable industry sources, expect to see one in 2016. That year is important for Ford since it marks the 50 year anniversary of when it captured Le Mans using the GT40 MKII.

Once again, the reason for bringing the supercar back has to do primarily with motorsports. Ford wants to do well at Le Mans again. At first, the automaker was considering fielding a Mustang that would be a GTE-spec model, but when cooler heads prevailed that plan went by the wayside. Part of that plan was to use P2 engines for the racecar, and apparently that hasn’t changed with the talk of the Ford GT roaring back to life.

So when will the rumors be confirmed, if they are at all? Most industry experts agree that the most likely place for such an announcement would be the 2015 Detroit Auto Show where Ford enjoys a nice home field advantage. The show will be held in January, so that doesn’t leave much time to see if indeed the supercar is being brought back for motorsport dominance.

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