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Report: Audi Working on 460-Horsepower E-Quattro System

(Credit: Audi)

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Report: Audi Working on 460-Horsepower E-Quattro System

2015 Audi A4

2015 Audi A4 (Credit: Audi)

Change is the only constant in the world, except for death and taxes as Benjamin Franklin so wisely observed. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be a shock that Audi is reportedly working on a new version of its legendary quattro all-wheel drive, dubbed e-Quattro. CAR, which is a British car publication, recently revealed some information about what the final product will be like, which will surely shake things up.

Apparently, e-Quattro will have three different power-contributing components. One is an internal combustion engine that puts out 292 horsepower, the second is an electric motor that puts out 54 horsepower and is located inside the transmission housing, and the third is another electric motor that puts out 116 horsepower and will only be used to power the rear wheels.

Before you just add up those output figures, remember that on hybrid powertrains it’s not always a matter of simple addition. Many are speculating that the two electric motors and the gasoline engine will work in parallel with one another. CAR’s report says that a combined output of 408 horsepower is likely.

Also included in the report is the nugget of information that e-Quattro will have variable drive modes that are designed for different driving conditions. When being driven at highway speeds, the vehicle will only use the gasoline engine, with the electric motors kicking on during stop-and-go city traffic. The all-wheel drive setup will also supposedly offer improved torque vectoring, which will dramatically improve handling.

Supposedly, the first models that will be available with e-Quattro is the popular A4 and the TT crossover.

One of the biggest mysteries about the e-Quattro system is how drivers will charge it. While some claim that Audi will use a plug just like Tesla, BMW, Toyota, and pretty much everyone else, there are rumors that an inductive charging system will allow owners to charge up the battery simply by parking in a certain spot each night.

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