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Report: A Third Korean Brand Will Invade America

(Credit: Hundai)

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Report: A Third Korean Brand Will Invade America

2015 Hyundai Genesis

2015 Hyundai Genesis (Credit: Hundai)

The American car market has been thumping lately and is projected to post even higher sales figures in 2015. With that increased prosperity also comes more competition. According to by Consumer Reports, in the next two years Kia and Hyundai will no longer be the only Korean brands available in the States. Ssangyong Motor is looking to make a splash in North America and gain a foothold in the highly competitive market.

The Korean automaker will likely change the name brand of any vehicles sold on this side of the Pacific, going with an option the appeals more to Americans. So far, trademark request have been filed in the U.S. by Ssangyong for “Tivoli” and “Luvent.” There is already a Tivoli, which is a subcompact crossover that is sold elsewhere in the world. As for the Luvent, Consumer Reports claims it’s a sedan and hatchback line of cars that will share the same architecture as the Tivoli.

Most U.S. consumers have likely never even heard of Ssangyong before. The automaker has really pushed for a strong presence in markets like India, China, Africa, Central America, and Eastern Europe. Despite that fact, the new Tivoli was made to pass the strict emissions and crash test requirements established in the United States.

Even if Ssangyong does make its way to the United States, it would bring with it some baggage. Recently, as a company is has not done well at competing toe-to-toe with Hyundai-Kia Automotive. Considering that the two Korean brands have established a solid foothold here, Ssangyong could experience similar problems here.

Currently, Ssangyong is owned by Mahindra & Mahindra, an Indian truckmaker that has had aspirations of entering the United States’ market for some time. Of course, there is some doubt about whether the Korean brand will ever be sold in the U.S. considering that Mahindra has filed trademarks for five of its vehicles in the recent past.

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