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Peugeot Will Invade America Again

(Credit: Peugeot )

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Peugeot Will Invade America Again

If you love French cars but live in the U.S., the past couple of decades have been rough. But fear not, because Peugeot is readying a new onslaught for this market, adding a little weirdness to the pool.

We only have about three to four years before Peugeot takes America by storm. Well, maybe not by storm, because this is a notoriously competitive market, arguably the most vicious in the world. Hopefully Peugeot has learned a thing or two since last limping away.

One factor fueling this new strategy is Peugeot’s purchase of Opel from GM and quickly turning the struggling German brand around. That move also came with a team of engineers who know U.S. specs quite well, so readying vehicles that will meet government regulations won’t be as much of a struggle. Let’s just say Peugeot is a savvy company, unlike Renault, and it actually knows how to read markets.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Peugeot’s CEO said the strategy for the U.S. market will involve SUVs, plug-in hybrids, and EVs, among other models from its broad lineup in Europe. Pretty much, this is an amphibious assault where Peugeot needs to carve out a foothold somewhere, anywhere, instead of struggling like crazy. Hopefully it’s been watching Alfa Romeo’s haphazard re-entry to America closely.

With Ford pretty much abandoning cars, that might be an area where Peugeot has a shot at success. Everyone needs to drive a funky French car now and then, or you’re just not living.

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