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Official: Mercedes Will Release An All-Electric Luxury Sedan

(Credit: Mercedes-Benz )

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Official: Mercedes Will Release An All-Electric Luxury Sedan

Mercedes B-Class Electric

Mercedes B-Class Electric (Credit: Mercedes-Benz )

Rumors about so-called “Tesla killers” from the German luxury brands have been circulating at an ever-increasing rate. While everyone can see it coming from a mile away, it’s still a big deal that Mercedes recently confirmed a future all-electric luxury production sedan.

Thanks to an interview with Thomas Weber, the development chief for Mercedes, by Automotive News Europe, everyone now knows for sure what Mercedes is planning.

According to Weber, the new sedan will be good-looking; An important point considering the Tesla Model S is pretty easy on the eyes as well. Currently, Mercedes has an all-electric version of the B-Class, and it’s not something that anyone with taste would describe as beautiful, emotional or anything all that good.

Weber also described the upcoming model as “intelligent” and stated that it will have a range that should be comparable to the Model S.

Supposedly, the new electric Mercedes sedan will be coming out “soon.” According to various sources, that probably means about 2018, which actually isn’t too far off into the future. Still, Tesla is enjoying big head start versus other rival luxury brands. The Model X, a larger crossover, is launching this month, combining zero emissions with better utility. By about the time the new Mercedes comes out, the Tesla Model 3 will be providing electric powertrain technology to the masses, likely shaking up the automotive market in a big way.

Not that long ago, Mercedes severed its business arrangement with Tesla, which included owning some of the California automaker’s stock and collaborating on different vehicles. That fact alone could make Mercedes a strong competitor, maybe even giving Tesla a run for its money.

It’s possible that Mercedes has more up its sleeve than it’s letting on. Rumors have indicated the company might also be developing an all-electric crossover to rival the Tesla Model X. Supposedly, the new electric vehicles could also be had as plug-in hybrids or with a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain.

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