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Now Is The Time To Buy An Acura NSX

(Credit: Honda )

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Now Is The Time To Buy An Acura NSX

If you’re interested in an Acura NSX, but think it’s out of reach financially, you might be surprised. Acura dealers across the United States are discounting the hybrid supercar, sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars.

For example, on the NSX Prime forums there’s a thread about a dealer in New Jersey that’s selling an NSX for $44,800 below MSRP, putting the price at $155,700. To show that the dealer is truly motivated to move the NSX, the ad states the car can be shipped anywhere in the country.

The interesting thing is that the NSX was created by Honda as a vehicle you could order exactly the way you want it. These discounted vehicles are inventory cars made early in the production run, specifically for dealers to put in their showrooms to generate interest.

Before you draw any conclusions about demand for the NSX, you should know that from January through September of this year, 355 have sold, versus just 83 during the same period last year. That’s a 325 percent increase, and something most automakers would be celebrating, especially for such an expensive, exotic vehicle. In other words, people who are custom ordering the NSX likely are paying at least close to MSRP, if not over it.

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