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Not to be Outdone by Ford, Fiat Releases Odd Commercial

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Not to be Outdone by Ford, Fiat Releases Odd Commercial

You might recall that Ford Motor Company released a completely mystifying commercial for the 2015 Mustang that had really nothing to do with the pony car. Instead, the ad featured a bunch of bad 1980s puns and fashions, as well as some of the strangest dancing to ever race a car commercial.

Fiat apparently wanted to outdo Ford when it came to weird ads, or at least that’s what it appears to be doing with the latest crop of television spots. The commercials are obviously geared at Millennials, but the effectiveness with the age group is debatable. There are Internet memes, people with animal heads, a cat looking at a Fiat 500 on a television screen, twerking, bad “music,” and heaps of just plain weirdness.

The best guess is that someone at Fiat’s American ad agency decided that such a horrible commercial would have car shoppers aged 18 to 34 running in droves to buy the 500. They even called the campaign “Endless Fun.” A name like “Endless Torture” would have been much more appropriate.

The new ads are part of a string of commercials the Italian brand has put out in the United States that have fallen flat with consumers. Instead of focusing on the elements that make the Fiat 500 a standout car in the market, the company continues to go with weird commercials that at best leave consumers scratching their heads and at worse fill them with a murderous rage.

Note: those are not things you want your brand associated with. Will someone please pass the message along to some Fiat executives?

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