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Fiat 124 Spider’s Days Might Be Numbered

(Credit: Fiat Chrysler )

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Fiat 124 Spider’s Days Might Be Numbered

If you thought everyone’s favorite, and only, Japanese-Italian roadster would be sticking around for the long term, you might want to sit down before reading any more. In a recent interview with Autocar, Fiat’s head pretty much stated that after this generation of the 124 Spider, it’s curtains for the car.

No, Mazda isn’t going to stop making the Miata, of course. Instead, apparently Fiat has “no legitimacy” in the sporty roadster market. That’s rubbish and everyone knows it, because Fiat and partner Abarth have a legacy of making potent little pocket rockets.

Sure, the Fiat 124 Spider is not really a sports car in the pure sense of the term. It won’t take down a Corvette. The thing would lose in a race against a Subaru WRX. But it’s a fun car that combines some decent acceleration with tight handling and fantastic looks.

We have too few fun vehicles in the world today. Everything has to be utilitarian, because apparently everyone needs to be ready to suddenly haul small pieces of furniture at the drop of a hat.

Perhaps what’s really at the core of the issue is that the current 124 Spider isn’t a true Italian vehicle. But with the crazy world we live in today, we have a German Toyota Supra.

Ultimately, this could just be a way of gauging interest in the Fiat roadster. Does anyone care enough to shed a tear or scream at the company? They might not, and that’s sad.

Source: Autocar

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