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Kia Gives Us a Sneak Peek at its Niro Hybrid

(Credit: © Kia)

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Kia Gives Us a Sneak Peek at its Niro Hybrid

Kia Niro HUV

Kia Niro HUV (Credit: © Kia)

Hyundai has already unveiled its latest hybrid vehicle, the Ioniq, and at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, its sister company, Kia, has unveiled a hybrid if its own. Unlike the Ioniq, Kia’s new hybrid will be a crossover instead of a Prius fighter.

Known as the Niro, this new hybrid will sit atop the brand’s new dedicated eco-car platform. Along with the new platform comes a new body that will be sleek and athletic at the same time. In the teaser image, you can see that the Niro will feature Kia’s signature grille, sweptback headlights, a swooping roofline, LED taillights, and lightly flared wheel arches.

Kia failed to give us any details on the interior, but I expect it to be similar to the style of the Ioniq. Expect it to have a pretty mainstream look with only a few more-futuristic bits here and there. I also expect Kia to not be too shy with offering premium materials as options.

Kia Niro HUV

Kia Niro HUV (Credit: © Kia)

The powertrain is also pretty mysterious, as Kia only revealed that it expects this Hybrid Utility Vehicle will emit less than 90 grams of CO2 per km. This low-emission rating will come courtesy of a small-displacement engine and an electric motor. I expect this powertrain to be the same as the Ioniq, which uses a 104-horsepower 1.6-liter engine and a 43-horse electric motor. The Niro will separate itself from the Ioniq with its higher ride height and, in all likelihood, optional all-wheel drive.

Kia will fully unveil the Niro at the Chicago Auto Show in February, so we won’t have to wait too long for all the official details. Stay tuned for all the latest info.

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