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Jaguar Trademarks the EV-Type Name

(Credit: © Jaguar)

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Jaguar Trademarks the EV-Type Name

2015 Jaguar F-Type at Delhi Auto Expo

2015 Jaguar F-Type at Delhi Auto Expo (Credit: © Jaguar)

Jaguar has a history with the “-Type” nomenclature that goes well beyond the F-Type that we all know today. Past examples include the S-Type, X-type and the legendary E-Type, but it appears as if there is yet another “-Type” badged cars on its way in the near future, thanks to a report from Auto Guide. This report points out that Jaguar has filled a trademark in the U.S. and Europe for the “EV-Type” name.

While some manufacturers trademark names just to protect themselves from copycats, this cannot be the case for the EV-Type. I know this because Jaguar filed the name as a 1b status, which means that the automaker plans to use it in one way or another within three years. Be it on a concept model or a production unit, the EV-Type will, indeed, find itself attached to something from Jag.

Now, onto what the name may actually mean. The letters “EV” stand out prominently, and are easily associated to some sort of electrification. If you look back in Jag’s recent history, you’ll find that the F-Type was initially previewed by the hybrid-powered C-X16 concept vehicle that used a 375-horse V-6 and a 95-horsepower electric motor to hit 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. This leads me to believe that the EV-Type will be the preview for an all-electric version of the F-Type, which would help Jaguar meet the tightening CAFE standards.

On top of that, there were also rumors that Land Rover, Jaguar’s sister company, was looking to complete with the Tesla Model X in the future. This drivetrain could also see use in that model to help accomplish that goal.

There’s no mention as to when we may see this nameplate used, but the F-Type will be the center of Jaguar Land Rover’s presentation at the upcoming LA Auto Show, and that would be the perfect place to preview this technology.

We’ll bring you all of the latest on this new nameplate, so check back often.

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