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Jaguar is Discounting 2017 F-Types

(Credit: Jaguar Land Rover )

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Jaguar is Discounting 2017 F-Types

If you’re like me, you find the Jaguar F-Type to be intriguing. Sure, it might not be the most reliable vehicle, but who buys a car like that for reliability? To help overcome any objections your significant other or brain might raise, Jaguar is offering deep discounts on 2017 models. Grab your wallet and head to the local Jag dealer, stat!

This amazing revelation comes via the geniuses at, which reports that Jaguar is authorizing dealers to knock down the price on any leftover 2017 F-Types by as much as $30,000. Did I say deep discounts?

There is a little hitch to this whole deal, and a reason why you don’t see any inflatable gorillas with news of this sale. Discounts are coming as dealer cash incentives, so the dealer gets to choose if it will pass any of that savings on to you, the consumer. In other words, you may want to hit up a few dealers, if you’re lucky enough to live where you have choices.

In addition, this offer doesn’t work if you’re getting promotional financing. So you have to pay cash, or bring your own financing option to the table.

As you probably expect, that $30,000 discount is being used for SVR models, not the V6s. Basically, the less expensive F-Type you want, the smaller the price drop.

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